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What Are the Preparations & Requirements about Elemental Evil in Neverwinter? 9/2/15

While as we all know Elemental Evil will launch for free on Xbox One on September 8.There are four expansions Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle, Curse of Icewind Dale and Elemental Evil. Players focus on the update of Elemental Evil. From players’ the discussions, we can know most players are hyped and are preparing for Elemental Evil. In the process, you can buy neverwinter Xbox astral diamond cheap on gold4fans. What’s more, some players also worry about it increases some new requirements, which they need improve their current content.

Should Jagex Remove Duel Arena in 07 Runescape Due to Its Gameble Damage? 8/27/15

Recently, as there are more and more bots, scammers, and bugs appeared in Old School Runescape duel arena, which lead to billions of 07 rs gold and items losing in staking, many players popped up on reddit to discuss whether Jagex should remove duel arena from the game or not. However, as an interesting form of battle that can also help players to make money, some other players hold a different opinion. Read on for details.

Neverwinter Vanilla Forum Will Give More Functions & Remove Conversation Ability 8/26/15

Since the Neverwinter Vanilla forums released, players have received much convenience to talk about pvp, neverwinter astral diamond farming, or any other topic. These days players are gradually getting used to Vanilla Forums, the second updates will come after the completion of maintenance on August 27. However, new contents are not always welcomed. For example, except for hub changes and functions updates, players will lose conversation ability.

Gold4fans Full-site Promo: 8% Discount Code “GOLD8OFF” for All Products 8/24/15

At the end of August, Gold4fans Full-site Promotion is hitting the shelves to offer players with the cheapest products. Instead of providing benefits for parts of customers, Gold4fans will launch an 8% discount code “GOLD8OFF” for all customers to buy cheap wow gold or any products with lower price in a limited time. Everyone can apply this code to get 8% saving as he like during the activity.

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