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World of Warcraft Movie: Something You Must Know Before Its Release! 5/23/15

Duncan Jones’ much anticipated big screen adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s massively popular MMO World of Warcraft has had its’ release date moved from March 11th 2016 to June 10th 2016. It probably makes some people sad to wait for longer time. Well, just come to know more about this movie when expect for its coming!

FFXIV Heavensward Trailer: Dragonsong Theme, New Dungeons & Job Actions 5/22/15

The long-awaited Heavensward is coming next month, at that moment, the preheating of new trailers are likely to brook no delay- the main theme song of Heavensward was revealed yesterday as well as more details about new dungeons and job actions! Have you earned enough ffxiv gil to get ready?

Live Streams Return to Neverwinter: Focus on the Portal with Extra Zen Bonus 5/20/15

Hi, guys! Have you taken part in Neverwinter Foundry Design Contest- the portal, which was introduced half a month ago? If so, it must be good news for you that, except for the original Neverwinter Astral Diamond rewards, there will be a chance to get Zen for extra bonus to celebrate the returning of Live Stream. Besides, the contest would be highly focused when it is on live stream on May 22. Stay tuned!

WOW Patch 6.2 Preview: New Battle Pets & Legendary Pets in Tanaan Jungle 5/20/15

Draenor has seen more new wow pets when continues to explore, including battle pets and their rewards as well as legendary pets. At that moment, there are a few additions to the pet journal for the latest build to the 6.2 PTR. Gear up for preparation!


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