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Players’ Demands and Blizzard’s Concern for WOW Garrison App on Mobile 3/26/15

Are you tired of logging in and out again and again to check the followers’ missions? Would you like to play the garrison on mobile? A wow player has made a draft for mobile garrison app, and gained a chance to communicate with Blizzard due to the concept. Does it sign that Garrison App is possible to launch? 

New Delivery Method for FIFA 15 Coins Buying Since Price Ranges on Gold4fans 3/17/15

Due to Price Ranges in FIFA 15, people cannot purchase amount of FIFA 15 coins at their will with lower quality players. To fit the new feature, Gold4fans has found two new ways to buy FIFA 15 coins with no player card lost. 

How to Make FIFA 15 Coins with Price Ranges Enabled 3/11/15

A feature called “Price Ranges” has been enabled in FUT 15, which set the lowest and highest prices for all FUT items on the transfer market. Thus, how can gamers enjoy trading and make FIFA 15 coins by trading in game? And what impact will Price Ranges have on coin trading? 

WOW Token for Sale on 6.1.2 PTR with New Framework in Game Client 3/5/15

World of Warcraft Patch 6.1.2 has been available already today, along with the introduction of WOW Token. If everything goes well, players can exchange wow gold and game time between each other. But it is still most players that worry about its price setting.

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