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How to Level up Pure Strength & Range without Raising Hit Point in OSRS? 6/29/15

Do you want to be a pure skiller in Old School Runescape? Pure skill, such as strength, or range are actually what many players seek. However, you would always have to kill things to train range and strength, which must bring Hit Point experience. So is it impossible to reach the goal? Not actually. Here is a guide to train your strength and range to max while keeping hit point to be 10.

Would Platinum Tokens Ruin the Economy in Old School Runescape? 6/26/15

On June 25, Jagex introduced a tradeable item, Platinum tokens into Old School Runescape, allowing players to buy with rune coins. However, apart from its stackable function to increase the maximum amount of cash holding, there is still defect, with which some players regard the token as a way to ruin in-game economy. So what is going on?


A Few Pictures to Know about WOW History: Who is Your Most Admirable Hero? 6/25/15

As wow patch 6.2 is closely approaching, more and more players are focusing on the new features and challenges. But do you know about some of most popular bosses in wow history? Who is your favorite hero? Take a moment to have a look when make effort to get wow gold for new expansion.

FFXIV Heavensward Launch Trailer: Limit Breaks for All Classes Revealed 6/18/15

There are only a couple of days away before Heavensward launches on June 23rd, but you could still have a treat to eyes if you haven’t gotten an early access- Square Enix just released the official Heavensward Launch Trailer for the first expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward, providing everything that players could hope for!

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