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Neverwinter Xbox One: Nine Hells Lockbox Returns & Astral Diamond Devalues 8/3/15

The Nine Hells Lockbox will be back today at 10am PDT to Neverwinter Xbox one. With a great amount of valuables like token artifacts, dragon artifacts and others, the lockbox is so amazing that has pushed the exchange between neverwinter xbox astral diamond and Zen to 280. Regarded as the best lockbox among most boxes, the nine hells lockbox is supposed to push exchange to 300 or more!

Should Jagax Make OSRS Vet'ion Boss Easier to Kill with Less Effective Safe Spots? 7/31/15

Recently, Jagex announced that certain safe spots of Vet'ion were made to be less effective due to the great retaliation of ranging/maging NPCs. Because of that, Vet'ion would be more difficult to kill as a tough boss, which may require much rs 2007 gold and gear to conquer. However, at the same time, many players indicate that a challenging boss would make pve more interesting. Well, it is a question to whether make it easier to kill or not.

WOW New Expansion Will Be Revealed at Gamescom & Sneak Peek at Speculation 7/30/15

With the deployment of the v6.2 update, World of Warcraft has reached the end of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. There have been many speculations of the sixth expansion. Eventually, the truth is going to come out on August 6 when 2015 Gamescom is held. Besides, among all speculations, there is one published on MMO-Champion by the author who had revealed contents of WOD before, which seems to be more reliable. Come to have a sneak peek!

Conquer Tiamat in Neverwinter Xbox One & Submit Video to Win Rewards 7/28/15

It has been about one month since Rise of Tiamat came to Neverwinter Xbox One at the end of June, how many time have conquered the fierce Tiamat? To reduce Tiamat’s threat in neverwinter, the officials is now holding a Tiamat take down video submission competition, allowing players to win some rewards by handing on their video about conquering the Tiamat!

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