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FIFA 14 Summer Transfer Update with Suarez Delayed

Time: Jul 25, 2014  

Two batches of FIFA 14 Summer Transfer ended already, But Suarez was still at Liverpool at FIFA 14. What’s worse, John Henry claimed the time was right to sell Luis Suarez. Will there be a third batch of this transfer? If there is, would Suarez be in it?

The second of FIFA 14 Summer Transfer end on July 24

Alexis Sunchez as the first transferred players has been transferred to Arsenal. His card read that he was given an upgrade from an 82 to an 86.

At the end of the second batch of this transfer, James Rodriguez to Real Madrid, Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal FC and Lewandowski to Bayern Munich are now all live. It means that you can pick up these players at their new clubs with cheap FIFA Ultimate Team coins.

The full list of players has been revealed. But it seems it is incomplete, for example, EA has moved Adam Lallana to Liverpool following his transfer, but we can’t see the same for Rickie Lambert who still has a Southampton card, and Luke Shaw to Manchester United while Rickie Lambert still hold his old card.

Luis Suarez Barcelona FUT transfer delayed

Yesterday, EA posted that the second batch of Summer Transfers was live, and that ToniKroos, jamesdrodriguez, MarioMandzukic9, and more players would be in it. But how about Luis Suarez?

As we all know, Suarez has been banned for four months, because he bite Italian striker. Due to his ban, he cannot play in any stadium, and haven’t got a formal player signing from Barcelona.

Now, it seems EA are delaying his FIFA 14 Summer transfer update, and his Ultimate Team cards are still highlighted as a Liverpool FC player, not Barcelona. However, there is still no any statement from EA on when Suarez will make the transfer.

John Henry breaks silence on Suarez

It is pity that Luis Suarez still holds his card as a Liverpool FC player. What’s worse, Liverpool owner John Henry has claimed that it is time to sell Suarez

The 64-year-old said: “It was time for Luis and time for the club to make a break. He brought so much to the club but we brought a lot to Luis.”

Since some players haven’t been transferred, it might be a third batch for transfer. Anyway, all fans can buy FUT 14 coins cheap with code "FIFATRANSFER" at gold4fans to pick up the transferred players from their new clubs.

The Gold4fans Team

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