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Axestorm & More Neverwinter Barbarian Changes in Undermountain

Time: 03/26/19

As the next huge updates, Undermountain is going to bring a lot of changes in the game. Neverwinter Barbarian now is facing a series of updates due to it, including new powes like Adamantine Strike, Axestorm, and abilities.

Neverwinter Barbarian core design remains

Though there are changes occurring on the Barbarian, its core design is remained. The aggressive attacker will still use two-handed heavy weapons but with great mobility when attacking. Therefore, be cautious when you are encountered with one.

Changes in Barbarian

The changes in the Neverwinter Barbarian will intrigue your passion to a good fight. 
1.For damage-focused blademaster barbarian, the class mechanic “unstoppable” will be renamed as“battlerage” and the resource “determination” will be renamed “rage”, but their mechanic remain the same.
2.For sentinel barbarian, the class mechanic will continue to be “unstoppable”, allowing them to automatically block all attacks, even when they continue attacking.
3.Sentinel barbarian’s sprint will be replaced by block tactical power, while the blademaster’s  will remain. Hit points of block are determined by the remaining stamina and maximum hit point. When you raise your weapon to block an attack, the attack depletes your stamina. But at lowering your weapon, it will begin to refill.
4.Now tanks’ ability becomes the main reason to getting attacked.
5.There are few more powers available to the Barbarians when attack: 
Axestorm, a new area attack with high damage used to shred enemies in a path before.
Adamantine Strike, a new daily attack that’s able to weaken enemies’ defenses.
Bounding Slam, a new at-will attack that allows highly mobile blademaster to close the gap on demand.

Are you already feel the excitement when you fight as Barbarian in Neverwinter Undermountain, using the Axestorm, Adamantine Strike and other new powers to beat your enemies? Buy cheap Neverwinter Astral diamond from us and get ready to upcoming fights.

The Gold4fans Team

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