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Buy Cheap WOW Gold to Get Taming Fenryr in Halls of Valor

Time: 04/17/17

In WOW Halls of Valor, Fenryr is sought after for all hunters. At the beginning, hunters just need to simply clear the dungeon and wait about 30 minutes for a soft reset, and then get Fenryr waiting in the cave. But now it is hotfixed, and they must solo Hymdall and Fenryr on Mythic Difficulty to get this pet. 

Using the soft set to farm Fenryr is a bug

At the beginning, hunters can get Fenryr by just clearing the dungeon, waiting about 30 minutes for the dungeon to have a soft reset and then coming back to the game. Blizzard has clarified that the soft reset was bug, which has been fixed until now. The intended method of taming Fenryr is to complete this challenge solo. 

If you obtained Fenryr by using the soft reset, of course it will belong to you forever, for you may not realize that this method is unintended. 

What is required to obtain Fenryr now? 

If you haven’t got Fenryr in Halls of Valor, you now need to solo Hymdall and Fenryr on Mythic Difficulty to spawn the tamable version of Fenryr. 

How to obtain taming Fenryr in WOW quickly? 

1. Go to Halls of Valor on Mythic difficulty, run straight to Hymdall skipping all the trash with feign death.

2. Use BL pet and keep mend pet on until Hymdall is taken down.

3. Go to fenryr, skip the trash by using feign death again and heal CD's.

4. Attack fenryr until he runs away and then clear some of the wolves around the cave.

5. Again pop BL+prepot and just nuke him down. Save Misdirection in case the adds spawn and make your pet tank them.

If pet dies, just ress and feign death to reset aggro to pet. Use healing CD's when needed. Try not to stop dps while he is doing Scent of Blood. 

6. Tame him and enjoy. 

Now you don’t need to go out and in for reset. The tamable Fenryr spawns after killing Fenryr. If you haven’t got one, you can follow the above tips to have a try. As well as the latest updates, we also provide all players cheap wow gold. You can use the discount code “LV6GF” to save more money.

The Gold4fans Team

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