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Buy OSRS Gold by Mobile & Play Old School Mobile Devices in 2017

Time: 07/18/17

Shocking news! Runescape and Old School RuneScape are coming to mobile devices late 2017. From now on, all Gold4fans customers can buy osrs gold by mobile, which would be more convenient and fast. 

When will Runescape and Old School come to mobile? 

Old School RuneScape will be first out the gate. The beta is coming this year while the full release is coming this winter. Now players can register for a chance to take part in the closed beta of Old school mobile.
Runescape mobile will follow in 2018 after Old school runescape mobile. 

What can I do on Old School Mobile Phone?

On the Old School RuneScape mobile client, players can fish, fletch, fight, and do anything else like on PC. Besides, players can freely jump from device to device and play the same game with the game character regardless of PC, phone or tablet. For example, if someone needs to be AFK, he can log out from PC and then log onto the mobile app to continue the adventure from the right place where he left from on PC. The rules are the same as vice versa. 

Buy osrs gold by mobile on Gold4fans to get ready for Old School mobile

The addition of Old School RuneScape mobile client will be attached to full cross-platform support and a mobile-optimized interface. More and more players will convert their characters to mobile phone. 
To comply with this trend, it is wise and necessary to buy osrs gold by mobile. Now every player can log in Gold4fans by mobile to buy osrs gold. The mobile-optimized interface and instant payment methods will save you more times than on PC. 

The Gold4fans Team

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