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03/11/19 - Neverwinter Basilisk & More Monsters Coming with Undermountain

Recently, the developer team has released a series of Undermountain creatures that dungeon explorers and adventurers will face in the game, including the Neverwinter Basilisk, Ettercap, Shambling Mound, and Purple Worm.  The Basilisk giving Petrifying Gaze Though it may look cute and adorable, the Neverwinter Basilisk is actually a furious creature you may not want to see in the Undermountain. The monster with sharp teeth gives multiple styles of attacks like the...

02/28/19 - Fulfill OSRS Song of the Elves Reqs First & Access Prifddinas

According to the latest poll results, it seems pretty sure that the new quest OSRS Song of the Elves will be brought into game soon. Meanwhile, its requirements have been revealed too. Why not fulfill them all first, then complete the quest as soon as it’s released and unlock access to Prifddinas? What will you challenge in the Song of the Elves & how to unlock Prifddinas? The oldest and longest quest...

02/19/19 - Neverwinter Call to Arms Season Event Hits to Console on Feb 21

The new Neverwinter Alliance of Heroes Call to Arms event season is about to hit on console (Xbox & PS4) with Storm Front starting on February 21, 2019. during the CTA events you will be able to enjoy the new currency Tokens of Heroes and the new rewards like Regal Armed Griffon, Purple Guard Drake etc.  What will you enjoy during the CTA season events? From February 21,the Call to Arms: Storm...

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Buy Runescape 2007 Gold for OSRS Wilderness Wars Tournament Aug 26

Time: 08/14/17

With congratulations to Monni for winning OSRS PvP Championship Tournament, we are glad to head that Jagex will introduce a brand new tournament, called Wilderness Wars, and it will hit the shelves on August 26, 2017. The winner team will be rewarded with $15,000. Are you ready for the next tournament?

OSRS Wilderness Wars Tournament will hit on Aug 26

Time: livestream on Aug 26, 2017 at 3ap utc. 
Location: Insomnia61
Scale: there will be five armies involved in this tournament, and each is led by a General. As the Generals need to get rid of any soldier that gets in their way, they will be given to incredible power, and their cmbat skills will be buffed in the hundreds. 
Rewards: the winner team can get $15,000 prize pool. 

Buy runescape 2007 gold cheap to get ready for Wilderness Wars 

In the next few days, Jagex will reveal more details about OSRS Wilderness Wars Tournament, including how to select out Generals. To get a piece of the cake from $15,000 prize pool, all players should do whatever they can to thrust in the new tournament. 
To hone the skills quickly and get ready for Wilderness Wars, all players can buy runescape 2007 gold cheap on our site. As we have runescape 2007 gold in full stock, we can deliver it in 10 minutes. Time is precise now. Don’t waste your time in the meaningless waiting. Besides, don’t forget to use the exclusive 8% discount code “RS8G” to buy osrs gold on our site. 

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