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Buy Seasonal Deadman Mode Gold to Join in OSRS Season 6 Now

Time: 07/03/17

At weekend, Runescape dmm tournament was settled and OSRS Season 6 begun as scheduled. Many players worry that they would be left behind if they have no more time to play. At that point, it is necessary to go over OSRS Deadman Season 6 changes and buy season 6 deadman mode gold to go towards. 

OSRS Deadman Season 6 is easier to access for casual players

Every time osrs season event starts, players need to sacrifice plenty of time to stand out in the crowd. But we have to admit that many people have no much time because of work. At this point, Jagex has reintroducd the 6 hour Immunity status for all players beginning the season after the first week, so that it becomes better for the casual players. 
Specifically, all quests will be automatically completed after one week has passed. But automatic completion will not be accompanied with the experience or item rewards. 

Other changes 

1. There is now a skull penalty for all players attacking a skulled player. The skull penalty will last for 5 minutes.
2. There is now a 1 minute grace period for reasonable kills so that you can get away from attacks during that period. A reasonable kill can be defined as killing a player within 30 combat levels of yourself.
3. There will be a cap of 1 million combat XP gained per day. Unskulled players will now protect all XP lost on death. Besides, the rate of rebuild XP gain increases from 10x to 50x. 

Deadman Invitational Tournament vs PvP Tournament

Once Runescape dmm tournament ended, many players thought it was much like a castle wars tourney. Many of them asked for another PvP Tournament livestream. For this issue, Jagex thinks that players get two extremes, incredibly high solo PvM content and then easily accessible PvP. Whoever is interested in PvP should not miss this week PvP Championship. 

With those changes, Deadman Season 6 would be fair and easy to play for all players. If you are one of the fans for deadman mode, now you can buy season 6 deadman mode gold cheap on our site to join in the battle. 

The Gold4fans Team

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