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Home / Gold4fans news / Details of OSRS Hosidius Rework QoL Changes & More on Apr 25

Details of OSRS Hosidius Rework QoL Changes & More on Apr 25

Time: 04/26/19

The update this week includes some changes to goldcrafting interface and toggle deposit inventory button in bank. There are also other changes and improvements with details below.

OSRS Hosidius rework & more QoL changes

With the update on April 25, there are changes from polls OSRS Hosidius Rework and QoL Changes and Revisiting Older Content.
Goldcrafting interface changes: the gold smelting interface is improved with left-click buttons like the bank.
Toggle “Deposit Inventory” button in bank: There is a toggle for the deposit inventory button on the bank interface, which can be accessed by clicking on the bank settings button.

Other changes & improvements this week

1. The Third Age Kiteshield sits better in females’ hands when worn.
2. The issue that tiles on the Meiyerditch wall push players unnecessarily has been fixed.
3. A missing clue has been re-added.
4. The death protection value of degraded OSRS crystal shields has been reduced.
5. Wintertodt crates now drop any loot that doesn’t fit in players’ inventory on the ground.
6. Konar’s task to slay trolls south of Quidamortem does not exclude trolls on the western edge of their camp anymore.
7. The issue that elegant kit was too rare from medium clues has been fixed.
8. The easy clues rate (from Young Implings) is restored to 1/50, and the beginner clues rate is increased to 1/25.
9. The Spiked Manacles and Climbing boots (g) collection log entries are switched around.
10. The click zone for OSRS Ring of the 3rd Age transmogrifications is larger no matter the item selected. The ring’s ability can once again be used in PvP areas.
11. Bones are re-added to the loot of wolves in the Stronghold of Security.

What do you think about these changes this week? Anyway, you could always find cheap OSRS gold from our site with fast delivery.

The Gold4fans Team

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