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Home / Gold4fans news / Enjoy WOW Midsummer Fire Festival 2020 for Holiday Items

Enjoy WOW Midsummer Fire Festival 2020 for Holiday Items

Time: 06/22/20

It’s time to for Azeroth’s hottest season of the year, the Midsummer Fire Festival! Read the detailed information to learn how to participate in this event.

When is WOW Midsummer Fire Festival?

WOW Midsummer Fire Festival runs from June 21 to July 5, 2020. During this period, you could participate in this event in major Horde and Alliance cities.

How to join in Midsummer Fire Festival 2020?

During this event, you can use the Group Finder (I) to participate in an encounter against Ahune, granting a Satchel of Chilled Goods (which contains holiday loot) as a daily reward.
You could also complete special daily quests to obtain experience, gold, and WOW Burning Blossom to purchase holiday items.

Rewards from WOW Midsummer Fire Festival

WOW Burning Blossom can be used to exchange for various holiday items during this event. Here is a list of these rewards:
Igneous Flameling
Frigid Frostling
Spirit of Summer
Blazing Cindercrawler
-Summer wear and fun
Summer Wear: Mantle of the Fire Festival, Vestments of Summer, Sandals of Summer, Helm of the Fire Festival, Tabard of Summer Skies, Tabard of Summer Flames
Heirlooms: Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing, Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing, Weathered Heirloom Armor Casing
Toys: Fire Eater's Hearthstone, Cozy Bonfire, Brazier of Dancing Flames, Set of Matches, Burning Defender’s Medallion
Other: Juggling Torch x5, Fiery Festival Brew, Handful of Summer Petals, Bag of Smorc Ingredients x5, Elderberry Pie x5, Fire-Toasted Bun x5, Midsummer Sausage x5, Toasted Smorc x5

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The Gold4fans Team

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