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Home / Gold4fans news / Find & Open OSRS Larran’s Chest with Larran’s Key for Rewards

Find & Open OSRS Larran’s Chest with Larran’s Key for Rewards

Time: 06/24/19

From June 20 there is a chance to gain a new OSRS Larran’s chest when killing monsters on a slayer assignment. To obtain the rewards inside the chest, you must use OSRS Larran’s key to open it.

What is OSRS Larran’s chest?

OSRS Larran’s chest is a new kind of chest released in June 2019. There are Larran’s small chest and Larran’s big chest; Larran’s small chest can be found north-east of the Chaos Temple, and Larran’s big chest can be found on the ship west of Pirates’ Hideout.
The Larran’s chests may contain various kinds of rewards. Here is some of the loot that you can obtain from OSRS Larran’s chest:
Rune full helm
Rune platebody
Rune platelegs
Runite ore
Palm tree seed
Magic seed
Celastrus seed
Dragonfruit tree seed
Redwood tree seed
Torstol seed
Snapdragon seed
Ranarr seed

Open Larran’s chest with Larran’s key

The Larran’s chest can only be opened by Larran’s key OSRS, which is obtained from killing monsters that Krystilia assigns the player. The chance of acquiring a Larran’s Key depends on the level of the monster. If you defeat high-level monsters, you will have more chance to get the Larran’s key from it.
Larran’s key OSRS is untradeable. The killer will be able to receive the Larran’s key upon killing their opponent if the key is not protected on death in a PvP scenario. The key will be destroyed if the player is an Ironman.

Hope now you learn more about OSRS Larran’s chest and Larran’s key. Moreover, always buy OSRS gold from our site and enjoy the safest service.
The Gold4fans Team

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