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Home / Gold4fans news / Fossil Island OSRS - Get Sulliuscep Mushrooms & Mort Myre Fungi

Fossil Island OSRS - Get Sulliuscep Mushrooms & Mort Myre Fungi

Time: 08/23/17

Are you looking forward to the release of Fossil island OSRS? The island lies north of Morytania and unveils a unique uncharted environment where players can train many skills. Now Sulliuscep mushrooms on Fossil island are introduced in Dev Blog, which can be found in the swampland of the island. Now you can buy RS 2007 gold to get prepared for the island.

How to chop Sulliuscep mushrooms on Fossil island?

Requiring level 65 Woodcutting and access to Fossil Island to chop, a player will receive bittercap mushrooms as opposed to logs when chopping the mushrooms. 
There are six Sulliuscep mushrooms in the swamp totally, and they have unique root systems. Only one of the six mushrooms can be chopped at a time. Once the mushroom falls, another respawns somewhere else in the swamp. 
The swamp is a dangerous place, so if you just daren’t hang around an area where there is a Sulliuscep mushroom, you can make a special kind of fungicide to clear that mushroom and move onto the next one. 

What can you do with Sulliuscep mushrooms?

The mushroom cap can be used to make a Mushroom pie, which will give a +4 Crafting boost and will require 60 Cooking to bake when eaten.
There’s a small chance to obtain Mort Myre fungi and a rare chance of obtaining a new Sulliuscep cap. The Mort Myre fungi can be used to fill a Druid pouch and make Super energy potions in the Herblore skill. And if you collect the fungi to sell, it’s an effective way of making money. It is estimated that you may get 30-40 Mort Myre fungi per hour.

Now many players feel more excited about Fossil island OSRS, and we can wait together for the swampland and Sulliuscep mushrooms. Then don’t forget to buy RS 2007 gold from Gold4fans, which will help you stock more RS 2007 gold and get prepared for the Fossil island.

The Gold4fans Team

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