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Home / Gold4fans news / Fulfill OSRS Song of the Elves Reqs First & Access Prifddinas

Fulfill OSRS Song of the Elves Reqs First & Access Prifddinas

Time: 02/28/19

According to the latest poll results, it seems pretty sure that the new quest OSRS Song of the Elves will be brought into game soon. Meanwhile, its requirements have been revealed too. Why not fulfill them all first, then complete the quest as soon as it’s released and unlock access to Prifddinas?

What will you challenge in the Song of the Elves & how to unlock Prifddinas?

The oldest and longest quest series (Elf quest series) - will come to an end with the coming of Song of the Elves, during which you will face difficult puzzles and deadly foes while you struggle to make peace to the elven lands. Meanwhile, you will see the end of the schemes of Lord Iorwerth and King Lathas.
When completing the quest, you will get the access to the city of Prifddinas, which will feature some new content and rewards, like a new Player-owned house location, three Teak trees & two Mahogany trees, a new Sawmill, a brand-new solo PvM challenge Gauntlet, the boss Zalcano and so on. 

What reqs do you need to meet first?

But, before finishing the quest and entering the city, you need meet all of the following requirements in advance. 
Completion of Mourning’s End Part II  
Completion of Making History    
Completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen
Agility level 70   
Hunter level 70  
Construction level 70  
Mining level 70    
Farming level 70    
Smithing level 70
Herblore level 70  
Woodcutting level 70

What attracts you most, the new quest, the city or the Gauntlet etc.? Anyway, please have a full preparations for their upcoming with OSRS gold for sale on our site. 

The Gold4fans Team 

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