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WOW Battle for Nazjatar is a new World PvP event in patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara. Players will try to control five points in Nazjatar during the battle, and earn Nazjatar Battle Commendation for rewards like Essences and Inkscale Deepseeker mount. How to join in WOW Battle for Nazjatar? In special WOW Battle for Nazjatar World PvP event in WOW patch 8.2, each faction tries to control five points in Nazjatar during...

04/26/19 - Details of OSRS Hosidius Rework QoL Changes & More on Apr 25

The update this week includes some changes to goldcrafting interface and toggle deposit inventory button in bank. There are also other changes and improvements with details below. OSRS Hosidius rework & more QoL changes With the update on April 25, there are changes from polls OSRS Hosidius Rework and QoL Changes and Revisiting Older Content. Goldcrafting interface changes: the gold smelting interface is improved with left-click buttons like the bank. Toggle “Deposit...

04/18/19 - Learn Easter Hidden Egg Locations in RS3 Easter Event 2019

The time-limited event, Avoiding Dental Catastrophe, requires you to collect crystallised chocolate fragments for the Easter Bunny and use them to form a giant egg. You can also find some hidden Easter eggs around Gielinor. Avoiding Dental Catastrophe event for RS3 Easter Avoiding Dental Catastrophe is a currency event during RS3 Easter event 2019. When this event is active, crystallised chocolate fragments can be gathered for the Easter Bunny from skilling activities,...

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Gold4fans Always Helping the Times You Need RS Gold In Game

Time: 10/06/16

Are you sick and tired of hardworking to get what you want? Are your friends already experiencing the best part of the game? Welcome to Gold4fans, you have come to the right place for all your game needs for RuneScape.We understand many of these frustrations and have worked hard for many years helping thousands of gamers to have fun fast. We do this by providing safe virtual currency and powerleveling services via our professional staff. 

While we all know that most plays require long hours of dedication to get to the fast leveling phases, many rs players eventually reach the “fun part” only to be met with disappointment when they realize how much it takes to purchase the Runescape items they desire! You can spend your entire in-game experience accruing rs money and still never have enough to become the maxed account you envisioned to go pking with a Runescape clan. Fuel your journey through the realm of magic by buying rs gold with the lowest prices on the internet. With our gold service you can become the medieval fantasy hero you always envisioned without the hassle of power leveling over time and accruing Runescape gold from in-game slayer tasks. 

Moreover, some games are astonishing high-risk version games. You start the game with nothing, and if you get unlucky and get PKed, you lost most of your rs items. Why not start off in this unforgiving game with a little help from our rs gold team? You can get yourself some quick gold! Never worry about dying, because rs gold delivery is just a click away! 

If you are tired of farming rs gold in game, Gold4fans will serve you 24 hours. 

The Gold4fans Team

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