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Home / Gold4fans news / How to Claim Neverwinter Free Beetle Mount for All Console Players

How to Claim Neverwinter Free Beetle Mount for All Console Players

Time: 2017-05-18

It is well-known now that all console players will be able to claim free Glazed Beetle mount from now on until June 16. If you are new to Neverwinter, you are required to complete the tutorial before retrieve this mount. If you need, you can buy cheap neverwinter xbox astral diamond on our site.

Neverwinter Beetle Mount 

What is Neverwinter Beetle Mount? 

Until June 16 at 9AM PT, both Xbox and PS players can get a free exclusive mount - Glazed Giant Beetle – in game. 
1. The Emerald Glazed Giant Beetle is for Xbox One players, and the blue one for PS4 players. 
2. Neverwinter Emerald Glazed Beetle is now available for every Xbox player, and the blue one is coming very soon for pre-existing PS4 players. 
3. This mount is bind-on-pickup to account, and can be claimed multiple times on multiple characters. 

What effects does Neverwinter Beetle Mount have in the game? 

1. It increases your mounted movement speed by 50%.
2. Its insignia slots are regal and universal. 
3. You can be dismounted if you suffer 3 hits in 5 seconds, or lose 10% or more of your hitpoints in a single attack.

How to claim free Beetle Mount in Neverwinter? 

If you are an existing adventurer, you can directly head to the store and download the Emerald/Blue Glazed Giant Beetle Bundle to get this mount. 
If you are new to this game, you need to download the bundle at first, and then complete the tutorial. Afterwards, you can head to the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector’s Enclave to retrieve your free mount. 

Usually it need take a while for Beetle to appear after you claim it. So be patient to wait after that.
Neverwinter Beetle Mount has not only a cool appearance, but also the regal and universal insignia slots. If you don’t want to be dismounted in game, buy cheap neverwinter xbox astral diamond to equip yourself now!

The Gold4fans Team

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