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Join in Tales of Old: The Dread Vault Neverwinter for Rewards

Time: 08/27/19

Nipsy is back with more Tales of Old! From Aug. 29, participate in Tales of Old: The Dread Vault Neverwinter event, earn Coins of Tales Told, Trinkets of Old and others to purchase various rewards.

When is The Dread Vault Neverwinter event?

Neverwinter Tales of Old: The Dread Vault begins Thursday, August 29 at 10am PDT and ends Thursday, September 5 at 10am PDT.
When a new Tales of Old event begins, you are able to talk to Nipsy the traveling Tabaxi near the event dais in Protectors Enclave. Listen to Nipsy’s tale and enter the dungeon if you choose to accept the challenge.

Rewards from The Dread Vault Neverwinter

Coins of Tales Told currency will be awarded if you successfully complete a dungeon, which can be used to obtain the Flayed Storyteller’s Journal.
You can obtain Trinkets of Old by opening treasure chests throughout the dungeon, which can be used to buy the Chest of Tales Told containing:
-Yshiggol (vanity pet – Obtained during Dread Ring only)
-Woven Tales Enchantment (Rank 8 or 9)
-Blood Ruby
-Companion Upgrade Token
-10,000 to 20,000 Rough AD
-Minstrel’s Fancy Shirt, Pants, or Hat
Notice: Coins of Tales Told and Trinkets of Old will disappear when The Dread Vault event ends.

Earn Fabled Chapters for more rewards

In addition, another currency Fabled Chapters can be earned by reaching the minimum contribution level for the event. It can be used to purchase the following rewards:
-Scarf of Embellishments Artifact Equipment
-Sash of Embellishments Artifact Equipment
-Box of Astral Diamonds (contains 3000 rough AD)

Seize the chance if you have interests in Tales of Old: The Dread Vault Neverwinter event. Additionally, our site can be your top choice to buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds safely and fast.

The Gold4fans Team

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