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Join in WOW Classic Stress Tests with Schedule through July

Time: 06/15/19

The second World of Warcraft Classic stress test will occur on Wednesday, June 19th. A significant number of players are added to the WOW Classic stress test who have opted in for the beta but have not yet been selected.

World of Warcraft Classic Testing Schedule

World of Warcraft Classic test allows invited players to participate in a small-scale, focused closed beta test. There is also a chance for players to help put WOW servers and technology through their paces in a series of stress tests running from May through July. The Stress Test 1 runs from Wednesday May 22 to Thursday May 23, and here is the schedule of other tests:
Stress Test 2: Wednesday June 19 – Thursday June 20
Stress Test 3: Thursday July 18 – Friday July 19

How to join in World of Warcraft Classic stress test?

To fill the pool of beta and stress test participants, the develop team chooses dedicated players who meet select criteria from both World of Warcraft Classic beta opt-in and the standard World of Warcraft beta opt-in. Participants should have an active subscription or active game time on their Account. Some additional factors are also considered, such as how long you have been subscribed to the game, so the right mix of players will participate in WOW Classic test to ensure great feedback toward making WoW Classic the best experience for the community.
You can opt in WOW Classic tests through Account Management and select the WoW Classic beta.

We will update our news if there is more information on WOW Classic stress test. In addition, offers safe WOW Classic gold which is delivered safely and fast.

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