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Home / Gold4fans news / Learn Details of New Neverwinter Gith Race in Uprising Module

Learn Details of New Neverwinter Gith Race in Uprising Module

Time: 07/15/19

A brand new playable race called Gith will be available with the launch of Neverwinter Mod 17: Uprising. Here you could learn the history and traits of Neverwinter Gith, as well as how to unlock this new race when the module is released.

History of new Neverwinter Gith race

Mind flayers once conquered a race of beings who cannot withstand the onslaught, and enslaved the race for centuries upon centuries. A leader named Gith led the race to become stronger and started a rebellion. The race is now known as the Gith and creates their own civilizations.
The two factions, the githyanki and githzerai, have often been involved in civil wars ever since they earned their freedom. Some smaller groups of the Gith have formed alliances to work together towards their common goals.

Traits of Neverwinter Gith in Mod 17

+2 Dexterity
+2 Strength or +2 Intelligence
Gith Endurance – Your heightened endurance allows you to regenerate stamina 2% faster.
Gith Advantage – Your history of war has granted you an edge in combat giving you an additional 1500 Combat Advantage.

How to get access to Neverwinter Gith?

The Gith race will be available free to VIP for the first 2 weeks of Neverwinter Uprising, and it will be free to everyone for the 2 weeks after that, including VIP. If you didn’t log in for the free Gith during the initial 4 weeks, you will have to purchase a pack to get access to the Gith race.

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