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Home / Gold4fans news / Learn Details of OSRS Darkmeyer City, the Capital of Vampyres

Learn Details of OSRS Darkmeyer City, the Capital of Vampyres

Time: 10/21/19

The capital city of Morytania named Darkmeyer will be accessible with the release of Sins of the Father new quest. Within its dark stone walls you will find a multitude of new shops, amenities, and skilling methods.

General information on OSRS Darkmeyer

Darkmeyer is the capital city of Morytania located in the Sanguinesti region, north of Meiyerditch. It is inhabited by vampyres and ruled by Lord Drakan, his sister Vanescula Drakan and brother Ranis Drakan. The city is currently inaccessible; it will be accessible after completion of the quest Sins of the Father.

Vampyres found in OSRS Darkmeyer city

The city of Darkmeyer OSRS is split into three tiers, each home to a different class of vampire.
1. The first tier contains vampyre juveniles and vampyre juvinates. These are equivalent to the vampyres found in Meiyerditch and have the same stats and droptables.
2. The second tier contains Vyrewatch, Elite Vyrewatch, vyrelords and vyreladies. The Vyrewatch are the same as those found in Slepe and have identical stats and droptables.
3. The third tier contains Elite Vyrewatch, vyrelords and vyreladies.

OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre in Darkmeyer

Players can find the Hallowed Sepulchre in the city of Darkmeyer. Once players enter the sepulchre, they will be given a limited amount of time to raid the crypt. The crypt will be filled with tombs that players can search to steal items from. Items will be randomly chosen from a new loot table, with a rare chance of obtaining a Hallowed Mark.
The sepulchre is made up of five levels, each requiring a higher Agility level to access. The Agility requirements are:
Level 1: 52 Agility
Level 2: 62 Agility
Level 3: 72 Agility
Level 4: 82 Agility
Level 5: 92 Agility

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The Gold4fans Team

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