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Home / Gold4fans news / Learn Easter Hidden Egg Locations in RS3 Easter Event 2019

Learn Easter Hidden Egg Locations in RS3 Easter Event 2019

Time: 04/18/19

The time-limited event, Avoiding Dental Catastrophe, requires you to collect crystallised chocolate fragments for the Easter Bunny and use them to form a giant egg. You can also find some hidden Easter eggs around Gielinor.

Avoiding Dental Catastrophe event for RS3 Easter

Avoiding Dental Catastrophe is a currency event during RS3 Easter event 2019. When this event is active, crystallised chocolate fragments can be gathered for the Easter Bunny from skilling activities, killing monsters and daily challenges. There is a 25% bonus to currency which is earned in the Springtime Fete area.
You can add them to the central to form a giant egg when you have collected some fragments. Then Easter Bunny will de-crystallise the egg and offer you a trove of rewards.

Detailed locations of RuneScape Easter Hidden eggs

During RS3 Easter event 2019, there are also hidden eggs scattered around Gielinor, which give 50 crystallised chocolate fragments per found egg. Here are locations of these hidden Easter eggs:
Al Kharid - North-east of the Al Kharid mine
Al Kharid - East of the southern musician west of the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede
Burthorpe - East of Dunstan's house
Draynor Manor - South-east section of trees
Edgeville - Upstairs in the building north of the bank
Falador - South of Herquin's Gems shop
Falador - On top of the wall in the north-east corner, under the north-east guard tower (adjust camera angle to see it)
Karamja - Centre of the banana plantation
Lumbridge - Top floor of the Lumbridge church
Port Sarim - End of the pier east of the Port Sarim lodestone, south of Klarense
Rimmington - Building of the Customs Sergeant
Varrock - Behind May's Quest Caravan near the Varrock lodestone
Varrock - East of the Blue Moon Inn
Varrock - South-east corner of the north-west room in the upstairs Jolly Boar Inn
Wizards’ Tower - North room of the 2nd floor

Hope our guide can help you find these hidden Easter eggs during RS3 Easter event 2019. Besides, you could buy RuneScape gold from at any time.

The Gold4fans Team

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