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Learn Upcoming Changes to WOW Shadowlands Alpha Pet Battle

Time: 05/18/20

Some changes are planned to be made to WOW Shadowlands, including ability changes, stat changes, and the five pets. Here you could take an early look at these changes.

Shadowlands Alpha Pet Battle Changes

WOW Shadowlands is looking to be a pet battle game-changing expansion. Some abilities and combinations will likely have their strategies changed. What we know so far includes ability changes, stat changes, and the five pets we have in our database that are likely coming in Shadowlands. Any of the changes can change in the various builds before the patch goes live.

Changes to Shadowlands Alpha Pet Stat

Boghopper - H: 1339 / P: 248 / S: 349
Cinder Kitten - H: 1400 / P: 284 / S: 284
Crypt Fiend - H: 1197 / P: 349 / S: 276
Hermit Crab - H: 1278 / P: 272 / S: 337
Mechanical Cockroach - H: 1587 / P: 248 / S: 293
Mechanical Prairie Dog - H: 1506 / P: 297 / S: 260
Slimy Darkhunter - 3 breeds have been changed - Only speed for all 3 has been adjusted - H/P: 236 / P/S: 265 / P/B: 249
Tiny Blue Carp - H: 1465 / P: 281 / S: 281

New Battle Pets in WOW Shadowlands

Here are some new Battle Pets which may come to Shadowlands:
Flipper, Whipper and Snipper
Plagueborn Slime
Pocket PHA7-YNX

What do you think about these WOW Shadowlands changes? If you need cheap WOW gold, come to our site and get some fast.

The Gold4fans Team

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