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Home / Gold4fans news / Make Full Use of RS Farmhands & Animal Barn on PoF from Feb. 4

Make Full Use of RS Farmhands & Animal Barn on PoF from Feb. 4

Time: 01/28/19

The RS Farmhands as well as Animal Barn has delayed its release until the first Monday of Feb, Feb 4th. And these new Game Jam-produced updates will help you manage the Player Owned farm better. 

The release date of Farmhands and Animal Barn 

The RS team plans to bring more love to the Player Owned Farm with the Farmhands and Animal Barns added. These two beauties were previously discussed in Game Jam (Oct. 2018), and planned to be released this month. But to deliver the best experience for the players, the team has re-scheduled it as the first update in February. And you will be able to see them in game from February 4. 

What are the functions of the RS Farm Hands and Animal Barn?

As long as the Farm Hands and Animal Barn are released, you can purchase the Farm Hands with magic beans from Granny Potterington. Then they can help you look after pens while offering some benefits, like the Trapper - finding you any type and breed of animal (royal dragons and araxyte spiders excluded); Babysitter - preventing all animals withing the paddock from ageing past adolescence; Collector - applied to breeding pens (Once the pen is full animals will continue to breed while producing unchecked versions of the animals, and limited quantities of these will be stored with the Farm Hand.). 
At the same time, the new added Animal Barns will have 15 additional slots to store animals, upgradeable to 30. 

What is more, it’s officially said that the TAPP will be brought back this year, which means we can expect more like this. All in all, let’s prepare enough RS gold from us and enjoy their coming. 

The Gold4fans Team 

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