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Home / Gold4fans news / Neverwinter Basilisk & More Monsters Coming with Undermountain

Neverwinter Basilisk & More Monsters Coming with Undermountain

Time: 03/11/19

Recently, the developer team has released a series of Undermountain creatures that dungeon explorers and adventurers will face in the game, including the Neverwinter Basilisk, Ettercap, Shambling Mound, and Purple Worm. 

The Basilisk giving Petrifying Gaze

Though it may look cute and adorable, the Neverwinter Basilisk is actually a furious creature you may not want to see in the Undermountain. The monster with sharp teeth gives multiple styles of attacks like the poisonous bite and a face planting stomp. Its tail also delivers powerful attacks like spinning tail attack or its tail smash, causing even more damages. However, all of these are just scratch compared to its signature power - the Petrifying Gaze. Look away if you see the monster rears up on its hind legs, or you will be stopped in your tracks.

Neverwinter Ettercap with its web

If you have been encountered with a clump of old spider webs or a group of deadly spider, be cautious, you may be amid the territory of the Ettercap, who, once encountered, will throw a sticky web at your feet or knock you across the floor with a backhand. If you hear the sound of him spinning a web, you’d better be alerted, or next thing you will feel will be a tugging at your throat as a Ettercap pulls you close and lashes out.

The Neverwinter Shambling Mound

The Shambling Mound may look like a combination of harmless vegetation, but don’t get cheated by his appearance. The monster is able to summon large thorns from the earth beneath its targets. And surround them in a mass of vines, or stretch its arms out to hit them from afar. And if you want to avoid fighting, or sneaking behind it, you may need have a second thought.

Purple Worm, the monster of underground world

If you feel the above monsters are hard to deal with, well you need to pay more attention if you are face with the Neverwinter Purple Worm. As a monster born for the underground world, it moves through the earth like taking a leisurely walk. Additionally, the monster breaches the surface near its targets, spins its body around to knock them away. It may also devour its pray like a piece of cake after dinner. 

Are you feel thrilled to face the would-be fierce monster in the Undermontain? Buy cheap Neverwinter Astral diamond from us and prepare yourself to conquer the Neverwinter Basilisk, Ettercap, Shambling Mound, and Purple Worm in the near future.

The Gold4fans Team

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