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Home / Gold4fans news / Neverwinter Call to Arms Season Event Hits to Console on Feb 21

Neverwinter Call to Arms Season Event Hits to Console on Feb 21

Time: 02/19/19

The new Neverwinter Alliance of Heroes Call to Arms event season is about to hit on console (Xbox & PS4) with Storm Front starting on February 21, 2019. during the CTA events you will be able to enjoy the new currency Tokens of Heroes and the new rewards like Regal Armed Griffon, Purple Guard Drake etc. 

What will you enjoy during the CTA season events?

From February 21,the Call to Arms: Storm Front Neverwinter will be available on Xbox & PS4, followed by some other CTAs during the season, including: Pit Fight, Orc Assault, Garrundar the Vile, Battle for the Bridge & Gate Crashers.

What new rewards can you get from the events?

In addition to the existing Medallions of Battle (earned from fighting in a Call to Arms, foes and in treasure chests at the end of the battle), you also will be able to win the new Tokens of Heroes currency, acquired once every day during a CTA event when you join in enough skirmishes (3 tokens at most per CTA event). 
On the other hand, you can get Regal Armed Griffon and new artifact weapons for each class from Season Store for the 2019 season, while Purple Guard Drake can be dropped in CTA Skirmishes. Moreover, with each Call to Arms active, there will be a unique vanity pet awarded, like Mini Frastr vanity pet. 

Which do you want to participate in most? Please get ready for these CTA events with cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamond from us. And hope you can win the rewards you like. 

The Gold4fans Team 

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