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Home / Gold4fans news / Neverwinter Module 11b Shroud of Souls Coming for Consoles June 20

Neverwinter Module 11b Shroud of Souls Coming for Consoles June 20

Time: 05/19/17

Shroud of Souls is big mid-module update of Neverwinter the Cloaked Ascendancy, known as Neverwinter Module 11b. It is confirmed to release for consoles on June 20, with Loadouts, new Guild Content, new Storyline and more. Once it releases, you can buy cheap astral diamonds xbox to play first. 

All new features in Neverwinter Shroud of Souls

1. New Loadouts feature allows players to create customized character builds, complete with gear configurations, for quick swapping across Neverwinter’s PvE, dungeons, PvP and more
2. Strongholds guild gameplay has been improved, such as a new customizable gathering place in your Stronghold for your guild to take a rest and showcase your achievement, and a dynamic “Marauders” event. 
3. New featured Storyline which follows the adventures in the River District. 
In addition, there will be a new Lockbox with the new Celestial Stag Mount and some updates to item level system.

Where to buy cheap astral diamonds xbox or ps? 

In Neverwinter Shroud of Souls, the dynamic “Marauders” event should be more challengeable for all adventurers than ever. Meanwhile, the new loadouts which allow players to quickly swap across PvE, PvP, dungeons and others will attract more and more adventurers instantly to join in each fight. 
All those new contents are required you to stock up cheap astral diamonds neverwinter prior to head into the game. At any time, we can provide you cheap astral diamonds neverwinter with 6% discount code “LV6 GF”. 

Neverwinter Shroud of Souls will be launched for Xbox One and PS4 on June 20. If you want to experience the storyline on your own, we are able to support you with fast and cheap astral diamonds xbox Neverwinter and PS all the time. We will be glad to see you in Neverwinter Shroud of Souls!

The Gold4fans Team

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