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Obtain Ancient Scale & More from RuneScape Temple of Aminishi

Time: 06/26/18

With the release of RuneScape Temple of Aminishi elite dungeon, you will have a chance to gain a variety valuable drops from the new dungeon, like Relic of aminishi, Ancient scale, Onyx dust, and Fishy treat. Let’s learn more details and buy RuneScape gold here. 

Temple of Aminishi details 

The first elite dungeon Temple of Aminishi (also known as Temple of Seiryu) allows you to team up to 2 other players via the grouping system or try to solo the content directly for more lucrative loot. If you fail, your progress will be saved and you can head back in and continue from where you left off, skipping to any unlocked checkpoints. Besides, whoever wants more of a lore experience can choose the story mode. 
There are 5 sections inside the Temple, each of which packs out with the factions and minibosses. What is more, along the way you will encounter 3 bosses: The Sanctum Guardian, Masuta the Ascended, and Seiryu the Azure Serpent. 
Please remember to complete the Port Sarim quest “Impressing the Locals” first - the only requirement for joining in the Temple. 

Various rewards like RuneScape Relic of Aminishi 

From the elite dungeon, you will be able to obtain various valuable rewards, including: 
Relic of aminishi (common, uncommon & rare): Dropped in the elite dungeons by enemies; Disassembling it will give you some Invention materials or junk.
Ancient scale: Raw materials used to make Elite sirenic armour along with algarum thread; dropped by monsters in the Temple of Aminishi.
Fishy treat: Dropped from The Sanctum Guardian and used to feed the guardian for skipping the boss fight. 
Onyx dust: A drop from Seiryu the Azure Serpent in the Temple.
Masuta's warspear: A tier 82 halberd dropped from Masuta the Ascended; having the same attack range and mechanics as a halberd. 
Kuroryu: A pet gained by redeeming the chipped black stone crystal (a very rare dorp from from Seiryu the Azure Serpent). 

Cannot wait to jump into the adventure in Temple of Aminishi? Please buy RuneScape gold from us first. 

The Gold4fans Team 

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