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Home / Gold4fans news / OSRS Chaos Fanatic Guide: Access, Fight Strategies & More

OSRS Chaos Fanatic Guide: Access, Fight Strategies & More

Time: 10/12/19

OSRS Chaos Fanatic is an insane mage that resides west of the Lava Maze. Here is a Chaos Fanatic guide to help you learn how to find and fight him for some special rewards.

How to find Chaos Fanatic OSRS?

Here are some ways to get OSRS Lava Maze:
1. Cast Ghorrock Teleport or use its magic tablet equivalent.
2. Use a burning amulet which can teleport you to the entrance of the Lava Maze.
3. If you have completed the hard Wilderness Diary and built a POH obelisk, you can select the level 44 Wilderness teleport.

How to fight Chaos Fanatic OSRS?

Chaos Fanatic has a special attack where he uses a green magical attack that explodes and can deal high damage, similar to the Crazy Archaeologist’s explosive book attack. When fighting against Chaos Fanatic, you must run away from them to avoid damage. Chaos Fanatic is also able to disarm you, much like how the Chaos Elemental does.

Rewards gained from Chaos Fanatic

Chaos Fanatic drops one of three shards, OSRS Odium shard 1, required to forge Odium wards and Malediction wards. He is also one of the only monsters (including mummies, Vet'ion and the thermonuclear smoke devil) to drop the ancient staff OSRS.

Hope our Chaos Fanatic OSRS guide can help you fight this mage. Additionally, you can easily buy OSRS gold and others from our site.

The Gold4fans Team

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