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Home/Gold4fans News/Rewards from Wilderness Slayer Master Krystilia’s Tasks in RS 2007

Rewards from Wilderness Slayer Master Krystilia’s Tasks in RS 2007

Time: Apr 14, 2017  

Jagex has introduced the new Wilder Slayer Master – Krystilia. As expectedly, doing the tasks assigned by Krystilia will award players a bunch of eye-catching items, including Slayer Points, Enchanted Slayer Staff OSRS, and Mysterious Emblems. Purchase cheap rs 2007 gold to go ahead!

Completing a assignment awards a certain amount of Slayer Points

Honestly, it is not easy to complete a task assigned from Krystilia in Old School Runescape. So in return, players will receive an amount of slayer points accordingly. 

After you complete 5 Wilderness tasks, you will be able to receive 25 Slayer Points per completed assignment; 

If you complete your 100th Slayer task, you will receive 25 times as many points as the regular tasks; 

If you complete your 250th Slayer task, you will receive 35x the regular points; 

If you complete your 1000th Slayer task, you will receive 50x the regular points. 

Here, you should bear in mind that the tasks from Krystilia are separate to the assignments from other Slayer Master. 

Killing monsters may drop Slayer's Enchantment to you

Killing any monsters assigned from Krystilia will give you a chance to receive a Slayer Enchantment which can be used on a Slayer staff osrs to create an Enchanted Slayer Staff. 

The Enchanted Slayer Staff can be used with Magic Dart, thus it can deal higher damage. The Enchanted Slayer Staff has 2500 charges. Once it runs of charges, it will change to a standard Slayer Staff. 

If you don’t need the Slayer’s Enchantment to create the Enchanted Slayer Staff, you can trade the enchantment. Once it is used, it will be late, because the Enchanted Slayer Staff is untradeable. 

Mysterious Emblems can be obtained by killing creatures

Mysterious Emblems are like rare items. Killing a creature assigned by Krystilia will offer you a chance of receiving a Tier 1 Mysterious Emblem. 

Do you want to get Slayer Enchantment to trade for cheap rs 2007 gold, or Slayer Points for further use? Be brave to take adventure now! For a smooth game play, you can buy cheap rs 2007 gold with 8% discount code “RS8G” on our site!

The Gold4fans Team

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