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03/11/19 - Neverwinter Basilisk & More Monsters Coming with Undermountain

Recently, the developer team has released a series of Undermountain creatures that dungeon explorers and adventurers will face in the game, including the Neverwinter Basilisk, Ettercap, Shambling Mound, and Purple Worm.  The Basilisk giving Petrifying Gaze Though it may look cute and adorable, the Neverwinter Basilisk is actually a furious creature you may not want to see in the Undermountain. The monster with sharp teeth gives multiple styles of attacks like the...

02/28/19 - Fulfill OSRS Song of the Elves Reqs First & Access Prifddinas

According to the latest poll results, it seems pretty sure that the new quest OSRS Song of the Elves will be brought into game soon. Meanwhile, its requirements have been revealed too. Why not fulfill them all first, then complete the quest as soon as it’s released and unlock access to Prifddinas? What will you challenge in the Song of the Elves & how to unlock Prifddinas? The oldest and longest quest...

02/19/19 - Neverwinter Call to Arms Season Event Hits to Console on Feb 21

The new Neverwinter Alliance of Heroes Call to Arms event season is about to hit on console (Xbox & PS4) with Storm Front starting on February 21, 2019. during the CTA events you will be able to enjoy the new currency Tokens of Heroes and the new rewards like Regal Armed Griffon, Purple Guard Drake etc.  What will you enjoy during the CTA season events? From February 21,the Call to Arms: Storm...

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Home / Gold4fans news / Storm King’s Thunder Coming to PS4/Xbox One Neverwinter on Oct 18

Storm King’s Thunder Coming to PS4/Xbox One Neverwinter on Oct 18

Time: 09/22/16

The time is coming for all PS4 and Xbox One Neverwinter adventurers to confront Storm King’s Thunder on October 18, along with new adventure zones, a new tier of dungeon and more. Buy neverwinter astral diamonds from Gold4fans to prepare for the new module now!

Three new adventure zones with the new Ostorian relics system

At first, you are required to find out Bryn Shander in Icewind Dale, which is overlaid by a massive blizzard. Once you find it, you will be brought to the town of Lonelywood, which is surrounded by a forest. Last, you will head to Cold Run. All these adventure zones will be with a new Ostorian relics system, which can make you find ancient items to power up your gear.

A brand new dungeon, Fangbreaker Island, live to challenge

Along with three new adventure zones, a brand new dungeon, Fangbreaker Island, will be available in Neverwinter Xbox/PS4 Storm King’s Thunder. It requires the item level of 3100. And it features three of the most challenging bosses in Neverwinter history, including Hati the Manticore, the Dragon Turtle, and the frost giant Drufi.
In addition to the above three features, Storm King’s Thunder on both Xbox One version and PS4 version of Neverwinter will also introduce a band new campaign to follow the story and some class balances.

The new module will hit on both PS4 and Xbox One on the same day! Cheers, Neverwinter adventurers! To prepare for Storm King’s Thunder, you can buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Xbox and PS4 Neverwinter AD on Gold4fans at any time!

The Gold4fans Team

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