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Home / Gold4fans news / WOW Argus Appears & Legendary Item Boost Comes with ToS Release

WOW Argus Appears & Legendary Item Boost Comes with ToS Release

Time: 06/21/17

As WOW Tomb of Sargeras release on June 20, those defeated Kil'jaeden in this raid have witnessed Argus. Besides, don’t forget to complete Unsettled Power quest and upgrade your legendary items to ilvl 970. We are always here to provide all players with cheap wow gold!

Argus appears after Kil'jaeden is taken down 

At BlizzCon 2016, it was reported that Argus will arrive in an upcoming patch. Now WOW Tomb of Sargeras normal and heroic difficulties have been available, and some players have defeated Kil'jaeden. Surprisingly, players that have cleared Tomb got a peek of the upcoming planet, Argus. 

How to upgrade legendary items to ilvl 970? 

With WOW ToS release, all players can upgrade their legendary items to item level 970. But the premise is to collect 50 Writhing Essence WOW. You can complete to collecting the amount of essences in advance. Only that you stock up 50 Writhing Essence can you pick up the Unsettled Power quest and then get rewarded Stabilized Titan Essence. Stabilized Titan Essence is the boost to upgrade Legion legendary item to item level 970, from any item level. 

Time to buy cheap wow gold and go for Tomb of Sargeras

Normal and Heroic difficulty Tomb of Sargeras have been playable in WOW. As scheduled, the Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 will go live on June 27. Raid Finder 2 – 4 will be introduced every half a month. That means, in the future one or two months, the demand of cheap wow gold will increase rapidly. To protect your adventure from the rise in price, you can now buy cheap wow gold safely on our site. The lucky code “LV6GF” will allow you to save more money. 

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