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Home / Gold4fans news / WOW Ny’alotha Raid Wing 3 Now Available with Three Bosses

WOW Ny’alotha Raid Wing 3 Now Available with Three Bosses

Time: 02/27/20

WOW Ny’alotha Wing 3 Gift of Flesh now has been available to play for NA and EU. Read the information below for more details, including the drop loot from three bosses.

WOW Ny’alotha raid Wing 3 now available 

From February 25 (NA) / 26 (EU), WOW Ny’alotha raid Wing 3 (Gift of Flesh) has been available to play in the game. With the Ny'alotha Wing 3 opening, there are three bosses: Shad’har, Drest’agath, and Il’gynoth. The minimum item level to queue up is ilvl 410 and the bosses drop loot starting at ilvl 430.

Boss drop loot in WOW Ny’alotha Wing 3

-Shad'har the Insatiable:
Warmace of Waking Nightmares
Insidious Writhing Longbow
Void-Etched Band
Ego-Annihilating Grips
Bracers of Phantom Pains
Grips of Occult Reminiscence
Wristwraps of Volatile Power
Mar'kowa, the Mindpiercer
Ichorspine Loop
Writhing Segment of Drest'agath
Gloves of Abyssal Authority
Belt of Muttering Truths
Spinebarb Legplates
Halsheth, Slumberer's Spear
Eyestalk of Il'gynoth
Encrypted Ny'alothan Text
Belt of Braided Vessels
Spaulders of Aberrant Allure
Cuffs of Grim Conjuration
Oozing Coagulum
Scales of the Scheming Behemoth
Second Sight Helm
Sabatons of Malevolent Intent
Cowl of Unspeakable Horrors
Precipice of Oblivion
Bracers of Manifest Apathy

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