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10/16/17 - FIFA 18 Icon Cards Relvealed: Rui Costa, Del Piero & Overmars

EA Sports has revealed the first batch of FIFA 18 Icon cards, with Alessandro Del Piero, Marc Overmars and Rui Costa all released in packs. These three players are all rated at least 90 overall and will form a strong part of any Ultimate Team, so it’s a nice choice to buy them with FIFA 18 coins when available. Three players join in FIFA 18 Icon edition in packs Players Rui Costa,...

09/26/17 - Gauntlet Unleashed Madden 18 New Solos & Ezekiel Ansah Now Live

Today the producer for Madden Ultimate Team has announced that five more solos have been added to each existing Gauntlet Level, and new Gauntlet player Ezekiel Ansah is live now. We can see the rewards of new solos in Gauntlet unleashed Madden 18 as well as detailed information of Ezekiel Ansah. Rewards for new solos in gauntlet unleashed madden 18 5 more solos have been added to each existing Gauntlet level, including...

09/19/17 - ESO Clockwork City Patch Notes with New World & Features

ESO Update 16 featuring the Clockwork City DLC is now available on the PTS! The ESO Clockwork City patch notes have been published, and there are new mechanical world and new quests for you to enjoy. Learn the patch notes and don’t forget to buy eso gold fast from Gold4fans to enjoy the game. Basic information of ESO Clockwork City patch The Clockwork City patch notes introduce what’s new in ESO Clockwork...

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How to buy MUT 18 coins:

1. Order an amount of MUT 18 coins on our site;

2. List a player card on AH, and Starting Price, Buy Now Price and Duration are requested;

3. Add to cart and pay for your order, and we will buy your card soon and transfer the coins to you.

Note: the 10% transaction fee that is charged by EA is to be borne by you.


Madden NFL 18, an American football sports video game, has been launched on August 25, 2017. Madden 17 has been the newest edition of the Madden NFL series to date, but it was still not perfect. Madden NFL 18 will be improved in graphics and gameplay. More importantly, the Online Team Play mode is back. Are you hearting?

Auctions allow the player to post an Item for sale. If you want to get extra NFL 18 Coins, you can put a worthless item on Auctions, and set duration, starting price, and Buy it Now price. And then, order an amount of Madden NFL 18 Coins on our site. Once you complete to pay for your order, our 24/7 online support will start to process your order at once. And you will be able to get your coins in 5 – 30 minutes.